Filmed ​at​ her studio in Coyoacan neighborhood south of Mexico City, the artist Valerie Campos tells us the origin of this new series in which she has been working for a couple of years without exhibiting or publishing on social networks.

“The studio is like a boxing ring; you are always fighting something somehow. Something within you. Its a constant dialogue with painting. It’s a place where you can analy ​z​ e very precisely but you can also just drift and get lost.”

Valerie Campos ​’​ art pushes boundaries between canvas and artist in pursuit of heightened consciousness and personal change. Through an art residency in Belgium near the provence of Limburg that she at ​t​ ended in 2017, she photographed a group of naked people digging their own graves on an open field while she was guiding a standing active meditation.

“I felt the desire to paint something that related to what I experience in the world; I find the canvas as a way of working through the insecurity, fear and paranoia of being in the world. Valerie’s more recent work has transformed into more recognizable narratives, a kind of contemporary spiritual surrealistic painting: “I ​’​ m in search of silence” she says. “The moment you find something that has a deep spiritual effect on you, something you can’t describe, your whole experience transforms into a beautiful enigma”

The artist has traveled through different phases throughout her career. “Being self-taught has allowed me to experiment with a wide range of possibilities”,”Nothing happens if you always do things the same way,” she says. “My method is to do things I’m afraid of; to go to unknown territories and to open new ways of thinking”

In the last 11 years the artist ha ​s​ gone from the abstract to the figurative, from collage to drawing, to printmaking, then from photography to animation, but she ​has ​ always return to painting. “Is this infinite dance with the canvas that never ceases to seduce me; it is the most intimate and spiritual relationship I have experienced with art, it brings me closer to the real world as if I were walking through a labyrinth built by my memory.”

Supported by Museo Internaconal de Arte Minart, Fundacion Black Coffee Gallery, Fonca.

CREDITS: Producer: Valerie Campos Art, Camara and Editor: Baltazar Peña. Interview: Baltazar Peña. Artwork Courtesy: Valerie Campos. Archival Images Courtesy: Valerie Campos. Design: Saulo Corona. Theme Music: Carlos Matus.