Natural Selection
The Pursuit of Happiness

“Those who pursue answers are known as scientists,
and those who pursue questions are known as artists.”

This project prompted me to question nature, and our interpretations of morality, science, and religion. I attempt to find a spiritual and intellectual platform upon which I can build and understand life. I chose the title ‘Natural Selection’ for this series as a way to reinterpret Darwin’s theory as a unifying concept of life. Everything in biology can be explained through Darwinian evolution except for the human mind.

Selection is a way of living: we select the way we experience life, the people we love, the information we collect, the interaction with nature, and the use of time. Each living organism in my paintings are part of me, I have evolved through them, they have invited me to ponder and surrender all desires of a controlled reality. Surrendering goes hand-in-hand with accepting, which then prepares you for adaptation. They have adapted to my mind, and therefore survive in my paintings as hybrids of my surrealistic world.

“I find the compositions as the result of a pure automatism psyche which is in the absence of control dominated by reason, and which is outside of all aesthetic and moral concerns.”

The process of adaptive change has always been very important to me. If you are willing to change and you’re conscious of why and where to make that change, not for anyone’s benefit, but your own. Change then is not sacrifice, it is an act of love. An act of love for yourself and likewise for others. I truly believe the silliest thought is to think you don’t have to change anything within yourself.

I’m hungry for reflection. I have many questions about many things. One question in particular that arrows me every night is… Am I experiencing a meaningful life? Would I be ready to die one day? I would like to have a good sense for this at the end of my life. I believe we need a the spiritual element in our lives, it is the root of all existential meaning.

Jung contemplates that the collective unconscious evolved through natural selection just as instinct did. The archetypes express the instincts in a biological sense and also understand the spiritual side. My entire life consisted in selecting memories like capsules of time suspended in my unconscious- they flooded me in dreams. “These paintings are the superior reality of my selected dreams, the disinterested play of my thoughts, and a sacred place where I can meditate and rest away from consciousness”-.

In regards to The Pursuit of Happiness, Life, Freedom and The Pursuit of Happiness has been the most important motive to me while working on this project… the real meaning of this research. “Happiness is the infinite learning process, the doubt, the complexity, the challenge that stimulates us to express and experience our fullest natural potential to survive, joy its a different thing and its easier to find”.

Valerie Campos, 2015