I Want to Believe

“I want to believe” is the slogan of the television series The X-Files and the eponymous title of the works with which this exhibition begins. We need to believe in something outside ourselves harder because religion is not enough anymore, we create it like the language or the time, for the sole purpose of establish a moral base where support us with more security, but carried to its extreme absolutist religious identities today serve as moral and political weapon instills fear, social discrimination, as well as individual and mass destruction disguised sacrum that abuses the faith of the masses. The series is itself a reinterpretation of landscapes and poetry of Ukiyo-e using its scenarios for these episodes that tell a universe within itself, an allusion to the painful world and the earthly plane of death and rebirth, this way the landscape becomes the main element and not only where something happens on stage, inviting us to rational speculation of facts that could well be in the limbo between reality and fantasy. This series starts at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada in winter 2011 and continues the series “interventions of a floating world”, 2013.

Valerie Campos