¿Cómo me convierto en luz?

How Do I Become Light?…. Is a series of photographs of people from different parts of the world that I been photographing along several trips. I always wanted to take pictures with an analogue camera and one of my birthdays I bought a Nikon FM. I was really just experimenting, trying to understand how the light worked through the lens. It seemed incredible to me to be able to capture these moments from nature without having to fix anything digitally. I wanted to teach myself how to observe more closely and in the process to study the light in the matter. I recently came across many of these files and found it interesting to publish them as a narrative album of where those trips started and where they took me in relation to my life and current artistic process. I see these photos as reflections of what I’ve been looking for ever since.

More than bodies, I wanted to capture the light of these people, their essence and spirit. I see eroticism completely integrated with spirituality and this seems fascinating to me. I enjoy observing people. They were all beautiful invitations to explore hidden dimensions of intimacy. I remember each of these encounters and their incredible stories … .- People give meaning to our life, to our most interesting journeys; becoming one with them is how – We Become Light.- Is the people we met on the road whom create our stories and not us, as we think…

Valerie Campos, april 2016