Amazing Stories / Speeches of the floating world

“This is for me the most beautiful and saddest landscape in the world .”
— Little Prince. Antoine Saint – Exupery

In the works of Valerie Campos (Mexico City, 1983) we can see a huge taste for fiction, uses images born of tales to put them in landscapes that are somehow recognized by the viewer. We could say that his creations are the result of a sum of characters and elements that tell a story. A story told by the composition of images and the location of each character. The series of collages speaks of the floating world, on display at the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca September 2013, has the same interests to create stories from the transposition of familiar characters. Interestingly, the large pieces, mostly papers selected by Valerie and brought from her travels in the East, which serve as the stage for different cuts of figures that she has collected over the years. The compositions created detonate in the viewer a feeling of nostalgia, not only familiarity with some characters, but the situation in which they find themselves , as if they tried to search for something that we have lost … Amazing Stories, poses subtly, as the man is a prisoner of the image and how they can be modified and articulated so that we can (re) tell the story or stories. Like quoting the French sociologist Jean Baudrillard in his text “The Gulf War did not exist” where the facts behave as drills and end up as mere spectacle. Valerie´s works are in the boundary between fantasy and narrative post apocalyptic.

Guillermo Fricke Labastida